Week 19

What a week it has been thus far! And a great one at that! Where should I begin?!

I started Week 19 off with my first ever prenatal massage. It was absolutely delightful! My arms, legs, and feet have been so sore, from working almost 3 weeks straight, so it was nice to take an hour just to relax. I highly recommend a prenatal massage for anyone who is pregnant. I got mine from Edamame Spa at Destination Maternity where they specifically specialize in prenatal massage, and only use products that are safe for you and baby. I am definitely going back!

On Saturday, I flew straight to Bristol for the Cup race. It was so nice to be back at the track, for so many reasons! Before intros started, I knew Denny had chosen the “Wobble” as his intro song. I honestly didn’t know he knew how to “Wobble,” until he went out there and did his thing. I was so proud of him! I know it is not in his personality to just go out there, and bust a move like that; but I was so impressed by his courage, and overall willingness to go out there and have fun! If you missed it, here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYBcNnKvqUc

The end of the night was just as exciting, when Denny won the race!!!! I usually can predict when Denny will win, and it usually happens before or during the race. I just get one of those gut feelings that I can’t explain. But I didn’t have any of that until I heard Denny’s determination in his voice over the scanner that night. When he gets like that, he cannot be stopped! We were having such bad luck in the beginning of the race with the pit stop and the fan breaking in the car, but it seemed the more things that went wrong, the faster his car went! But overall, it was just such a fun and exciting race, and I was so happy to be there to experience it with him and his team!

On Sunday, we had our big Gender Reveal Party! We decided to have all our friends and family come to Red Rocks for a nice dinner, and we would reveal our baby’s gender through a cake my friend had made for us. I had an absolute blast! It was so much fun to see everyone there, and get to tell them all at once what we were having. All his friends were placing bets on girl or boy, so they definitely got into it! When it came time to cut the cake, everyone was screaming, “Please be Blue!” or “Come on Pink!” As we slowly lifted up the slice of cake, the entire place erupted in roars of applauds and pictures. It’s a girl!!!!! :)

ImageIt was so exciting; I wanted to do it again! We were so delighted everyone could be there. The room was filled with so much love and joy for the two of us, and we couldn’t have asked for more :)

Thanks for reading! Until next week…



Week 18

This week marked an important milestone during the pregnancy–we got to find out the sex! We are going to keep it to ourselves for awhile, so don’t even ask ;) It was really neat because this was our second ultrasound. The last time we saw our little one, it was barely the size of a peanut! It was so cool to see how much our baby has grown within the last couple of months. To see all the hands, toes, arms, legs, and little feet fully developed and moving around was truly amazing.

The ultrasound took almost an hour, as our little guy/girl was all curled up with its legs to its face, and it did not want us to find out what he/she was. But finally, we got a clear glance, and we could not be more excited! It was funny because before we went it, I wanted to make a bet with Denny on the sex, but we both had a gut feeling of what it was, and sure enough we were right! It’s funny how parental instincts have already kicked in!

Another cool thing happened this week… I got to feel the baby kick for the first time! On Sunday night I was watching my usual E! Network programming, when all of a sudden I felt a little “bloop.” Baby’s first kick! I thought it was nothing, until it happened again! It almost felt like butterflies, or a piece of popcorn popping. But nonetheless, it was way cool.

This weekend we are having a “Gender Reveal” for close friends and family as a special way to tell them all at once what we are having. My friend Robin is an excellent baker, and she will make us a cake with either pink or blue on the inside. I am really excited to see everyone come together, and get to share in this experience with us. :)

I have been so busy with planning the reveal, work, and getting stuff done at home that races haven’t really been a priority for me, but I am excited to be heading to Bristol this weekend. I haven’t really gotten to talk with a lot of wives or girlfriends at the track since we announced our pregnancy, so it will be nice to get back and talk to some of the current moms, and those that are expecting.

Anyways, I hope you are enjoying my blog thus far, and will update more next week!

God Bless…


Week 17

Hello all! A few of you on Twitter and Facebook have asked if I would start writing a “baby blog” as a way to keep you guys up to date with my pregnancy, so here it is! I can assure you I am not the most profound writer, but I will try to do my best. :) I kept saying how I wanted to journal throughout my pregnancy, but honestly with work, pregnancy symptoms, and just plain old life has kept me from doing that on a regular basis. So hopefully this will be something I will keep up with, and maybe one day share with my future daughter or son.

As you all know Denny and I made the announcement a couple weekends ago at Pocono, and the response from everyone has been amazing. To hear everyone’s genuine love and support means the world to us, and again we could not be more excited for what’s about to come in our lives! So thank you..

Let’s see.. a lot has gone on over the past 17 weeks! I can honestly say I have had such a smooth pregnancy thus far. I have only gotten sick a handful of times, and the “morning sickness” has already subsided. I am currently in my second trimester, which they say is the best phase, and I couldn’t agree more! The only thing I have been experiencing is some pain in my wrists early in the morning, but it leaves as I get on with my day. They say this is due to CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome), and usually women in their third trimester get it; but since I have such tiny wrists, it happened a little earlier for me. But I would take that over being sick any day!

As far as food cravings… I just basically eat anything that’s in front of me. My coworkers give me a hard time because I constantly have food at my desk, or I am munching on something throughout the day. I was honestly surprised at how fast I have put on weight, because it was always really hard for me to gain. Basically everything from my neck down has gotten bigger! Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing ;)

On that same note.. my wardrobe hasn’t been the kindest. I have been wearing the same Forever 21 jeans over and over because they are the only ones that actually fit me! The rubber band trick only latest about a month or so, and my bella bands have been my best friends lately! I just ordered my first round of maternity clothes, so hopefully that will make me feel better about how much my body is changing.

It’s been a pleasant couple of weeks. The fact that everyone knows now is a huge relief, and now I finally feel I can just enjoy being pregnant without having to worry about what to wear or say because I’m not sure if people know or not. It was nice to keep it to ourselves for a while, and all of our family and friends were so amazing in regards to keeping it within our circle.

Overall, my experience thus far has been wonderful. I am excited to be a mom, and everything that comes with it! Here in the next day or so, Denny and I will find out the sex of our baby, but we are going to keep it to ourselves for the time being. We are pretty private for the most part, so as I am happy to share my experience throughout my pregnancy, there are some things we would like to keep to just ourselves, close friends and family. This is an exciting time in our lives, and is something we hold dear to our hearts, and we just want to cherish and protect that for as long as we can.

Again, I am excited to share my journey with you and thank you for all your love and support! Feel free to leave any comments, or if you have a pregnancy story you would like to share, I would love to hear about it! Thanks again and God bless…