Week 17

Hello all! A few of you on Twitter and Facebook have asked if I would start writing a “baby blog” as a way to keep you guys up to date with my pregnancy, so here it is! I can assure you I am not the most profound writer, but I will try to do my best. :) I kept saying how I wanted to journal throughout my pregnancy, but honestly with work, pregnancy symptoms, and just plain old life has kept me from doing that on a regular basis. So hopefully this will be something I will keep up with, and maybe one day share with my future daughter or son.

As you all know Denny and I made the announcement a couple weekends ago at Pocono, and the response from everyone has been amazing. To hear everyone’s genuine love and support means the world to us, and again we could not be more excited for what’s about to come in our lives! So thank you..

Let’s see.. a lot has gone on over the past 17 weeks! I can honestly say I have had such a smooth pregnancy thus far. I have only gotten sick a handful of times, and the “morning sickness” has already subsided. I am currently in my second trimester, which they say is the best phase, and I couldn’t agree more! The only thing I have been experiencing is some pain in my wrists early in the morning, but it leaves as I get on with my day. They say this is due to CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome), and usually women in their third trimester get it; but since I have such tiny wrists, it happened a little earlier for me. But I would take that over being sick any day!

As far as food cravings… I just basically eat anything that’s in front of me. My coworkers give me a hard time because I constantly have food at my desk, or I am munching on something throughout the day. I was honestly surprised at how fast I have put on weight, because it was always really hard for me to gain. Basically everything from my neck down has gotten bigger! Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing ;)

On that same note.. my wardrobe hasn’t been the kindest. I have been wearing the same Forever 21 jeans over and over because they are the only ones that actually fit me! The rubber band trick only latest about a month or so, and my bella bands have been my best friends lately! I just ordered my first round of maternity clothes, so hopefully that will make me feel better about how much my body is changing.

It’s been a pleasant couple of weeks. The fact that everyone knows now is a huge relief, and now I finally feel I can just enjoy being pregnant without having to worry about what to wear or say because I’m not sure if people know or not. It was nice to keep it to ourselves for a while, and all of our family and friends were so amazing in regards to keeping it within our circle.

Overall, my experience thus far has been wonderful. I am excited to be a mom, and everything that comes with it! Here in the next day or so, Denny and I will find out the sex of our baby, but we are going to keep it to ourselves for the time being. We are pretty private for the most part, so as I am happy to share my experience throughout my pregnancy, there are some things we would like to keep to just ourselves, close friends and family. This is an exciting time in our lives, and is something we hold dear to our hearts, and we just want to cherish and protect that for as long as we can.

Again, I am excited to share my journey with you and thank you for all your love and support! Feel free to leave any comments, or if you have a pregnancy story you would like to share, I would love to hear about it! Thanks again and God bless…



2 thoughts on “Week 17

  1. Jordan when I was pregnant one I didn’t find out until 6wks before my daughter was born and I had lost my husband of 26yrs the previous aug. Had been through breast ca and was a survivor thanks to God. After all being said I was a much older mom to be! I was an ER nurse and my feet were swelling so much I had to buy bigger shoes so one morning after work on my way home I stopped by my doc and went in to show him my feet. We were friends so I just walked in said look at this he got concerned listening to my abdomen he looked over hisglasses and said your pregnant I about fell over, to say the least! I have the most wonderful daughter 24 yrs old and a 3 yr granddaughter I am so blessed I can’t work anymore but I take care of my lil Charli. What more could I ask for. NOTHING I read your blog and think it is nice that your share hoping Denny takes the cup next year it will mean alot more with his baby girl in VL. That is probably Gods plan I have watched him come so close only to have it slip away. Good luck and cherish every moment because children grow up so fast you blink twice and they are graduating! Happy Holidays and off season! Grammi

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