Week 19

What a week it has been thus far! And a great one at that! Where should I begin?!

I started Week 19 off with my first ever prenatal massage. It was absolutely delightful! My arms, legs, and feet have been so sore, from working almost 3 weeks straight, so it was nice to take an hour just to relax. I highly recommend a prenatal massage for anyone who is pregnant. I got mine from Edamame Spa at Destination Maternity where they specifically specialize in prenatal massage, and only use products that are safe for you and baby. I am definitely going back!

On Saturday, I flew straight to Bristol for the Cup race. It was so nice to be back at the track, for so many reasons! Before intros started, I knew Denny had chosen the “Wobble” as his intro song. I honestly didn’t know he knew how to “Wobble,” until he went out there and did his thing. I was so proud of him! I know it is not in his personality to just go out there, and bust a move like that; but I was so impressed by his courage, and overall willingness to go out there and have fun! If you missed it, here is a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYBcNnKvqUc

The end of the night was just as exciting, when Denny won the race!!!! I usually can predict when Denny will win, and it usually happens before or during the race. I just get one of those gut feelings that I can’t explain. But I didn’t have any of that until I heard Denny’s determination in his voice over the scanner that night. When he gets like that, he cannot be stopped! We were having such bad luck in the beginning of the race with the pit stop and the fan breaking in the car, but it seemed the more things that went wrong, the faster his car went! But overall, it was just such a fun and exciting race, and I was so happy to be there to experience it with him and his team!

On Sunday, we had our big Gender Reveal Party! We decided to have all our friends and family come to Red Rocks for a nice dinner, and we would reveal our baby’s gender through a cake my friend had made for us. I had an absolute blast! It was so much fun to see everyone there, and get to tell them all at once what we were having. All his friends were placing bets on girl or boy, so they definitely got into it! When it came time to cut the cake, everyone was screaming, “Please be Blue!” or “Come on Pink!” As we slowly lifted up the slice of cake, the entire place erupted in roars of applauds and pictures. It’s a girl!!!!! :)

ImageIt was so exciting; I wanted to do it again! We were so delighted everyone could be there. The room was filled with so much love and joy for the two of us, and we couldn’t have asked for more :)

Thanks for reading! Until next week…



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