Week 23

Another exciting week again!!! To start out with Week 23, I have got in serious planning mode when it comes to the nursery. I put some floor plans together, and finally got a design I think I like. :) I can’t decide on a theme though. Do I want stripes? What colors do I want? Modern or Classic? One thing about being pregnant is that you become so indecisive. It seems like once I really like one thing, I am sick of it the next moment! I really just want something that is neutral, simple, and yet still something unique.

I finally figured out what I crave the most… breakfast food! I love everything about it. I called my girlfriends late the other week, and asked to see if they wanted IHOP, and since then I have gotten pickup IHOP twice this past week!!! I love their chocolate chip pancakes, hash browns and eggs; I also dip the sausage, bacon, and ham in the syrup. It is truly delicious.


I officially caved and got my first pair of maternity jeans, and yes the kind with the elastic top. I have a pair from ASOS that have the side stretch, which I really like because I don’t feel as constricted, but I really like the new pair I got. They keep me all tucked in, and I don’t have to worry about if my belly is showing or not. I really like Citizens of Humanity jeans, and Pea in the Pod has a good line. It might be a little pricey, but I swear by Citizens. I loved Citizens before I got pregnant, and love them more even now. I highly recommend investing in a good pair of jeans, because you can wear them over and over and they still look just as good when you first bought them.

I also had my monthly doctor’s visit this week. They listened to the heartbeat, checked my belly size, and gave me a flu shot :( I hate anything with needles! Being pregnant you have to have to take a lot of tests, get a lot of shots, and give a lot of blood. I cringe at anything with a needle :/ The nurses all make fun of me cause I have to turn away, they all say.. “This is nothing compared to birth honey!” True!

On Sunday, as most of you know.. Denny called his shot, and won the race at Loudon! I know his tweet had a lot of stir behind it, but honestly I didn’t think anything of it. That’s one thing I love about Denny is when the going gets tough he bounces right back, and I knew he was just trying to uplift his team and fans with that tweet. I can’t tell you how impressed I have been with him these last couple weeks. I knew the race at Chicago was tough, and definitely a hard one to swallow, but I was so proud how he handled himself. Something is different about him this year than in previous years. His entire attitude is different than before, and I think there are a few factors that play into that.

While also at the race I did a giveaway for a Toyota breast cancer T-shirt that Mary Lou (Denny’s Mom) and I designed. I have been tweeting and facebooking to VOTE VOTE VOTE! The winner’s design will get printed and sold and the proceeds will go to the charity Carolina Breast Friends, so we really want ours to win! I want to do another special giveaway for those of you who read my pregnancy blog, so please vote and leave a comment saying you voted, and I will pick a winner randomly!



Thanks so much guys for reading, until next time!




Week 22

This week I got my first set of baby clothes! Before I was dead set on not buying anything for the baby because we didn’t know the sex, and also because I know when we have our shower that we are going to get a ton of stuff. But I just couldn’t help myself! What’s a girl to do when Baby Gap is having 40% off sale?? But I was good and didn’t go overboard. Just a few essential staple pieces she will need for her wardrobe :) I mean how sweet is this little dress?


All the little pieces are so cute and tiny; it is so weird to think we are going to be in charge of someone so little! Are we sure we are ready for this?! I sure hope so; someone up there must think we are! ;)

Being 22 weeks, it really hit me that we only have 4 months left until she arrives! Which really means only 3 months to do the nursery (cause God knows I am not going to want to deal with it the last month). I kind of went into a panic mode, cause we haven’t done a thing! We have a house that isn’t really suitable for a newborn (tile floors, sharp corners, etc.) So I have been doing major research on cribs, furniture, carpeting, colors, themes, etc. all for the nursery this week! It is a little overwhelming with everything that is going on, but I am sure it will all come together.

Also, I am starting looking at places to register. There are so many things a baby needs it seems! I went into Buy Buy Baby the other day, and it looked like a giant baby just threw up in there! I mean they had everything from strollers to bottles to toilet targets?! I mean who knew a kid would need a target to pee on, but if you need one, they have it! I also found our daughter her first car.. I’m sure dad will approve!


If you have any suggestions on brands for bottles, strollers, cribs, anything a baby needs, please feel free to let me know! I am learning as I go, and would love to hear your input :)

I also took my first prenatal yoga class yesterday, and I had such a good time! I had a couple of my girlfriends go with me (one who is pregnant, the other is not). It was funny because we went around the room, and the instructor asked each of us our name, what we we’re having and how far along we were. When it got to my friend Brittney, her reply was.. “Hi my name is Brittney, and I am having… my period.” Haha, that’s why I love her! She is such a good sport to come and tag along for support! The yoga was so calm and relaxing, and I hear is a great way to prepare for giving birth. I definitely recommend it for anyone expecting! 

Pregnancy has finally made a comfortable home with me, and it has definitely been a great experience thus far. I can’t wait to see what is to come!



Week 21

This week, the baby’s kicks have been more consistent, and I can definitely differentiate her kicks from something else that might be going on with my body. Sometimes at night, I will just put my hand on my stomach and fall asleep to her kicking. It may seem corny, but I somewhat feel it bonds us in a sense.

I have a few pregnancy apps on my phone, which tell me the developments of the baby each week. One I really like tells me the size of my baby by comparing it to a fruit. This week the baby is the size of a cantaloupe! It’s insane to me how big she is getting each and every week. If I hadn’t popped before, I have definitely popped now!


Since the Richmond race was Saturday night, it was nice to relax at home on Sunday–even though I barely relaxed! It seems if I am not working, or at a race, I am busy running errands, doing laundry, or catching up on stuff at the house. I thought I could handle it all, but it is starting to take a toll on my body. I find myself getting tired a lot, and with my body getting bigger, I can tell my mobility is not like what it used to be.

Another thing that happened this week was I got sick again. :( I thought the morning sickness had subsided, but it came back this week. I think what triggered it though is I had taken my prenatal and iron supplements an hour or two after I had eaten lunch, so my food wasn’t digested fully, and taking vitamins on an empty stomach is never a good thing. Hopefully it was just this one time, and it doesn’t come back again… ever.

Other than that, not much has happened during week 21. Kind of been a normal but busy week as usual. This week starts the mark of the Chase at Chicago, and I couldn’t be more excited Denny is starting from the top spot! I know he will do great this time around. He just has a different mindset this Chase than the years before. Keep your fingers crossed, and hope to see the 11 many times in Victory Lane these last ten races!

Until next time…


Week 20

What another amazing week it has been thus far! We started off the beginning of Week 20, by visiting our good friends at the hospital, Jeff and Meredith, who just had their twins–a boy and a girl! Just a couple nights before I had seen Meredith at our Gender Reveal (see pic below), and now she is a mom to not just one baby…but two!! My friend joked how there were actually five people in this picture. So crazy to think that! 


At the hospital, we got to visit both babies. Denny and I both got to hold the girl, and she was absolutely beautiful, just like her mother. It was so surreal and emotional, knowing that this will be us in just a short amount of time. Meredith and Jeff are going to be great parents, and we look forward to raising our children together.

Later that night, Denny actually got to feel her kick! It was cool because he finally got to feel what I have been feeling for a couple weeks now, and I’m glad he could share in that. She has become the little kicker lately, and she is bound to be a dancer like her mom. :)

On Friday, I had my routine prenatal exam. Every four weeks I have a routine check up, until I get to my third trimester, which then I will go every couple weeks. At the appointment, they check baby’s heartbeat with a Doppler and see if I have any questions or concerns. This time they gave me a pamphlet for the hospital, and information on any classes we wanted to take. I’ve already signed Denny up for his first “Dad’s 411” class. He isn’t too thrilled, but I think it will be good for him. :)

As most of you know, Denny got his fourth win of the season this past weekend, and also solidified his spot in the Chase!!! I couldn’t believe it, back-to-back wins! My friends from home, Savannah and Taylor, got to come with us this weekend, and not only did they get to go to their first ever Cup race, but also Victory Lane! Not a lot of my friends have gone to a race, let alone get to go to Victory Lane, so I was happy they got to experience in that.


I can’t believe it’s already the halfway point in my pregnancy! It has gone by so fast already, and I’m sure will go by much faster within the coming months.

Thanks for reading! Until next week…