Week 21

This week, the baby’s kicks have been more consistent, and I can definitely differentiate her kicks from something else that might be going on with my body. Sometimes at night, I will just put my hand on my stomach and fall asleep to her kicking. It may seem corny, but I somewhat feel it bonds us in a sense.

I have a few pregnancy apps on my phone, which tell me the developments of the baby each week. One I really like tells me the size of my baby by comparing it to a fruit. This week the baby is the size of a cantaloupe! It’s insane to me how big she is getting each and every week. If I hadn’t popped before, I have definitely popped now!


Since the Richmond race was Saturday night, it was nice to relax at home on Sunday–even though I barely relaxed! It seems if I am not working, or at a race, I am busy running errands, doing laundry, or catching up on stuff at the house. I thought I could handle it all, but it is starting to take a toll on my body. I find myself getting tired a lot, and with my body getting bigger, I can tell my mobility is not like what it used to be.

Another thing that happened this week was I got sick again. :( I thought the morning sickness had subsided, but it came back this week. I think what triggered it though is I had taken my prenatal and iron supplements an hour or two after I had eaten lunch, so my food wasn’t digested fully, and taking vitamins on an empty stomach is never a good thing. Hopefully it was just this one time, and it doesn’t come back again… ever.

Other than that, not much has happened during week 21. Kind of been a normal but busy week as usual. This week starts the mark of the Chase at Chicago, and I couldn’t be more excited Denny is starting from the top spot! I know he will do great this time around. He just has a different mindset this Chase than the years before. Keep your fingers crossed, and hope to see the 11 many times in Victory Lane these last ten races!

Until next time…



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