Week 22

This week I got my first set of baby clothes! Before I was dead set on not buying anything for the baby because we didn’t know the sex, and also because I know when we have our shower that we are going to get a ton of stuff. But I just couldn’t help myself! What’s a girl to do when Baby Gap is having 40% off sale?? But I was good and didn’t go overboard. Just a few essential staple pieces she will need for her wardrobe :) I mean how sweet is this little dress?


All the little pieces are so cute and tiny; it is so weird to think we are going to be in charge of someone so little! Are we sure we are ready for this?! I sure hope so; someone up there must think we are! ;)

Being 22 weeks, it really hit me that we only have 4 months left until she arrives! Which really means only 3 months to do the nursery (cause God knows I am not going to want to deal with it the last month). I kind of went into a panic mode, cause we haven’t done a thing! We have a house that isn’t really suitable for a newborn (tile floors, sharp corners, etc.) So I have been doing major research on cribs, furniture, carpeting, colors, themes, etc. all for the nursery this week! It is a little overwhelming with everything that is going on, but I am sure it will all come together.

Also, I am starting looking at places to register. There are so many things a baby needs it seems! I went into Buy Buy Baby the other day, and it looked like a giant baby just threw up in there! I mean they had everything from strollers to bottles to toilet targets?! I mean who knew a kid would need a target to pee on, but if you need one, they have it! I also found our daughter her first car.. I’m sure dad will approve!


If you have any suggestions on brands for bottles, strollers, cribs, anything a baby needs, please feel free to let me know! I am learning as I go, and would love to hear your input :)

I also took my first prenatal yoga class yesterday, and I had such a good time! I had a couple of my girlfriends go with me (one who is pregnant, the other is not). It was funny because we went around the room, and the instructor asked each of us our name, what we we’re having and how far along we were. When it got to my friend Brittney, her reply was.. “Hi my name is Brittney, and I am having… my period.” Haha, that’s why I love her! She is such a good sport to come and tag along for support! The yoga was so calm and relaxing, and I hear is a great way to prepare for giving birth. I definitely recommend it for anyone expecting! 

Pregnancy has finally made a comfortable home with me, and it has definitely been a great experience thus far. I can’t wait to see what is to come!




6 thoughts on “Week 22

  1. Jordan, it has been awhile. My advice would be the same as your Mom’s and MaryLou’s. But I can say to make this a “wonderful” time for you both. You can never repeat the first child, and they are so special, forever. And it sounds like you are doing that. Have a great time. As the mother of two girls, enjoy.

  2. After having two baby girls, the most important things I can tell you to make sure you get are a baby bathtub and a supply of gas drops. While you can bathe the baby in the kitchen sink, it is SO much easier and cleaner to use a baby bathtub. My babies were both very very gassy and those gas drops kept me sane. :)

  3. Hi, we have a 6month old little guy. We went with a crib from the Young America collection of Stanley brand furniture from Carolina Furniture. It’s Made in the USA and very good quality! Good luck with everything!

  4. First and foremost, I adore this blog! What a cute way to capture these memories. We have a now 3 year old boy and the #1 thing that I recommend to my girlfriends are Dr. Brown bottles. These bottles are simply amazing! It was like night and day once we switched and if we ever get to have another we will use them from day one.The air flow was perfect and eliminated the tummy troubles that most babies experience. Have fun and enjoy your next 4 months. They will fly by!

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