Week 23

Another exciting week again!!! To start out with Week 23, I have got in serious planning mode when it comes to the nursery. I put some floor plans together, and finally got a design I think I like. :) I can’t decide on a theme though. Do I want stripes? What colors do I want? Modern or Classic? One thing about being pregnant is that you become so indecisive. It seems like once I really like one thing, I am sick of it the next moment! I really just want something that is neutral, simple, and yet still something unique.

I finally figured out what I crave the most… breakfast food! I love everything about it. I called my girlfriends late the other week, and asked to see if they wanted IHOP, and since then I have gotten pickup IHOP twice this past week!!! I love their chocolate chip pancakes, hash browns and eggs; I also dip the sausage, bacon, and ham in the syrup. It is truly delicious.


I officially caved and got my first pair of maternity jeans, and yes the kind with the elastic top. I have a pair from ASOS that have the side stretch, which I really like because I don’t feel as constricted, but I really like the new pair I got. They keep me all tucked in, and I don’t have to worry about if my belly is showing or not. I really like Citizens of Humanity jeans, and Pea in the Pod has a good line. It might be a little pricey, but I swear by Citizens. I loved Citizens before I got pregnant, and love them more even now. I highly recommend investing in a good pair of jeans, because you can wear them over and over and they still look just as good when you first bought them.

I also had my monthly doctor’s visit this week. They listened to the heartbeat, checked my belly size, and gave me a flu shot :( I hate anything with needles! Being pregnant you have to have to take a lot of tests, get a lot of shots, and give a lot of blood. I cringe at anything with a needle :/ The nurses all make fun of me cause I have to turn away, they all say.. “This is nothing compared to birth honey!” True!

On Sunday, as most of you know.. Denny called his shot, and won the race at Loudon! I know his tweet had a lot of stir behind it, but honestly I didn’t think anything of it. That’s one thing I love about Denny is when the going gets tough he bounces right back, and I knew he was just trying to uplift his team and fans with that tweet. I can’t tell you how impressed I have been with him these last couple weeks. I knew the race at Chicago was tough, and definitely a hard one to swallow, but I was so proud how he handled himself. Something is different about him this year than in previous years. His entire attitude is different than before, and I think there are a few factors that play into that.

While also at the race I did a giveaway for a Toyota breast cancer T-shirt that Mary Lou (Denny’s Mom) and I designed. I have been tweeting and facebooking to VOTE VOTE VOTE! The winner’s design will get printed and sold and the proceeds will go to the charity Carolina Breast Friends, so we really want ours to win! I want to do another special giveaway for those of you who read my pregnancy blog, so please vote and leave a comment saying you voted, and I will pick a winner randomly!



Thanks so much guys for reading, until next time!




42 thoughts on “Week 23

  1. voted for you shirt today….had to go try and find an internet connection at my college residence cause i used mine all up but voted today and watching the race on my computer now!

  2. I voted! Good luck with everything. Do you talk to DeLana Harvick? I know she did Keelan’s nursery and it looked really nice!

  3. I love reading this I had the same problems when designing the nursery for my twins couldn’t decide on one design for sure so I picked the two I loved and made the daddy choose. Good luck to Denny today

  4. Great again. Really look forward to your updates. I agree with the change in Denny. Both in is professional and personal life. I think he will be a great Dad. Funny about needles. After so many its nothing.

  5. I voted!! Love the shirt and the cause!! I am finishing up nursing school this year,and I will graduate in May with my RN… Hoping to work on the oncology floor at the hospital I work at!! Love to read about your pregnancy on your blog, and I wish I would have blogged when I was pregnant with my daughter.

  6. First time I read your blog and loved it!!! I have been voting for your breast cancer shirt… I hope you all win cus I want to buy this shirt so bad. Enjoy being pregnant she will be here before you know it :) congrats!

  7. Love reading about your journey through this pregnancy. I always turn away from needles as well and I’m not ashamed to admit I may shed a tear or two! At least at the end you’ll eventually be blessed with a little princess that will make you forget all about the pain. Eye on the prize Jordan :-) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love that you’re keeping us updated! Good luck to you and Denny! Y’all will be great parents. I keep voting for your shirt to win! :)

  9. Jordan, love reading your blog. My soon to be sister in law is expecting a girl late November but the baby is already 5 pounds. YIKES!!! enjoy your IHOP!! :-)

    PS: rooting for Denny for the chase championship!!! Gotta root for the VA native!!

  10. I voted for your awesome shirt!! I also love your blog and glad everything is going well as for the needles i understand i hate them i always look away when i get my blood drawn cant wait to read your next blog!!! And was so happy denny got the win at loudon and he got a good finish at dover now if he does good at talladega i will be holding my breath next weekend!!

  11. I voted again today thank you for doing this blog I love babies. I have two girls of my own one is 9 and the other is 6 and would love to have another one but that has not been in God’s plan for me so far. But I do have a great nephew on the way that I am looking forward to help welcome into the world. As far as advice I loved the dr. Brown bottles and swaddle blankets as well as the head to toe johns and johns pre soaped disposable wash clothes they were great when I traveled. Hope you all have a blessed week. Ps me and my husband has talked about how Denny has changed this year too He’s going to win a lot of races

  12. Def a cute shirt, I voted! And I also love readying your blog. I agree with you, I hate anything with needles. I get so light headed and blah.

  13. I voted! Would love this shirt. I still want the one you wore that said “all we do is win” too! Btw, I’m a labor & delivery nurse…too bad I work in Cali.

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