Week 24

On Thursday, I went to a prego party! Ever since I found out I was pregnant it seemed like everyone I knew was finding out they were expecting too! So I thought it would be fun to get all the girls I knew who were pregnant together for dinner so we could just hang out and chat about what else, but being pregnant!

Since we are all so close in age and due around the same time it was so easy to talk and get to know everyone, and share what our experiences were. For a lot of us it’s our first pregnancy, and it is a very new, exciting, but scary time for all of us, so it was nice to know we aren’t going through it alone.

We talked about everything: from weight gain, to cravings, to weird bodily functions. Some of the girls I had never met before, but felt like I already knew them because we had such similar experiences thus far. Overall, we had a great time, and I look forward to the next time we get together in a month or so to see how far everyone has come along.


On Saturday, my sister, mom, and my friend Savannah went crib shopping. We checked out a couple places: Baby Furniture Plus and Shower Me With Love in Charlotte. There were so many cribs to choose from! I was glad to finally look at some in person, versus online, so I could see which types I like better than others. I have finally come to a conclusion on one thing… the theme!

Image Image

I call it “classic glam.” I love the simplicity of theses rooms, but it also has that certain flair meant for a special girl.

On Monday, while DH did his usual Football thing, I stayed at home and watched my belly move for about an hour. Oh the simple things in life. J For the past month or so, I have been feeling her kick quite often, everyday in fact. And I definitely don’t take it for granted. But I haven’t seen her kick until this week. I literally watched my stomach move for about an hour due to her wiggles and movements. It was way cool! I am still so in awe, because I still can’t believe there is a living human being inside of me!

I am really enjoying writing this blog, and reading from all of your comments and input! Last week I asked for you guys to vote for our Breast Cancer T-shirt, and I loved reading all your comments. I really do read them all, and I am so happy to hear all the love and support. I have chose Amber Schoenfelder as the winner of the random reader giveaway, so congratulations to her! I really hope our shirt wins, because it is for a cause close to my heart, and I am sure many of yours too.

Thanks again for reading! Until next time..



13 thoughts on “Week 24

  1. I love the theme so beautiful!! My babies are 12 and 7 :( I miss them being little so much. Reading ur blog reminds me how it was to preg with both of them. It’s so sad that my babies have grown so much so fast. Enjoy and treasure everything! One day I’ll look back and won’t know where the time went!

  2. Omg I am so excited to have read your blog and to have seen my name in it.I have to tell you I think my husband is Denny’s biggest fan. He’s a big fan of tats and all his tats have to do with denny. He told me to follow you and I have became a huge fan of yours. You seem so nice and down to earth. You r the only celeb who has ever twitter me back. Your daughter is so lucky to have u both as parents thx <3

  3. Hey Jordan I just started reading your blogs! I love reading them and I know everyone is saying that. I hope all is well with you. Before you know it the baby will be here in January which is also my birthday month and you will be a mommy! Do you have any names in mind? I’m so happy your having a girl. I’m sure she will have great fashion like her mother.

  4. Jordan,
    Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to reading more about you and your baby girl in the future. It’s great when the driver’s wives and girlfriends connect and share with the fans. Means a lot to us. Have a great week!

  5. this us so sweet to read…cant wait to c ur’s and dennys baby……im just so happy for that little life…and i love denny, he is my fav. driver hands down and cant to see you on sun for the fan event…ill be there again this year aswell…and see ur little belly..lol.ty

  6. My husband and I are driving to Charlotte from Phoenix and are leaving early Tue morning so not much time to write as I should be in bed but I did enjoy catching up on this past week update. Jordan you are enjoying this pregnancy so much. Looking forward to seeing you in person. See you this weekend.

  7. Isn’t feeling her move the best feeling in the world??!! I have a one week old (cant believe she is already that old!) and I really do miss feeling her little kicks inside me. But love that I can actually hold her now. The nurses and my husband made fun of me because I had to watch qualifying while pushing in delivery, and Denny got the pole! ;) Can’t wait for next weeks blog!

  8. I love your blog! I love to hear the excitement in your writing! I know how you feel about having a girl! Nineteen years ago I had my daughter she has been such a blessing to me! Cherish all these experiences and everyday after she is born! She is a Denny Hamlin fan by the way so I raised her right! Praying for you and Denny as you await the birth of your baby girl!

  9. Dear Jordan, I am the worlds bigest Denny Hamlin fan and I have been since day 1. I was only like 4 years old when he started racing in NASCAR and I have been watching him ever since. I am only 14 years old now and I am a NASCAR DIVE for sure. Check out my twitter account and you will see why @MotorRacingGirl. Congratulations again to you and Denny and I know you two will be. great parents together… Cierra

  10. First congrats on the baby. Kick up with her kick counts they are very important. I lost a baby at 34 weeks and I found out bc I hadn’t felt him move in a day. So I delivered a stillborn at 34 weeks he was 5lbs and perfect. We don’t know what happened. Now I have a perfect rainbow little girl. She is now 6 mths old and spoiled. Enjoy being pregnant I miss it so much.

  11. The baby room you have pictured here is absolutley stunning!! So simple yet it has all of the right touches. Thanks so much again for sharing this exciting time in ya’lls life with all of us :-)

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