Week 25

I hate that I missed the race at Talladega this past weekend, but instead I went to our friend’s wedding in Sea Island, GA! My girlfriends and I drove down there, and we had such a blast! It was absolutely beautiful! With work, the pregnancy, and flying to races on the weekend, I never really get to have a “day off.” So it was nice to spend some time with my friends, and enjoy the beautiful weather! I hated having to come home because it was 90 degrees in GA, and in the 50 degree bracket in Charlotte! Can you say burr?? The wedding and the bride were absolutely gorgeous! We are so happy for our friends Todd and Amy! They make a wonderful couple!


And of course I was excited because our hotel not only had a complimentary breakfast, but they had an automatic pancake maker! How cool is this thing? Wonder if we can get one in the house!

On Twitter I asked for any suggestions on Halloween costumes! Which means my birthday is just around the corner as well! I really want to do something funny for Halloween, and if you have any suggestions please let me know! Here are some funny ones I found on the internet:
Speaking of funny, I was looking back at some photos and videos on my phone from the very beginning of my pregnancy. Here’s one of me telling my best friend since Kindergarten that I am pregnant. Let me set the stage… It was her birthday (btw fun fact, she is a triplet, and going to school to be a labor and delivery nurse), so I had gotten my very first ultrasound done that morning. I thought what’s a better present than telling her the news that I’m pregnant! But we did it in a funny way.. my sister gave her the ultrasound picture (I’m holding the camera) in hopes that she would think it was Linsey who was pregnant. She was definitely excited to say the least! But after we told her to look closer at the picture, she realized what was happening, and her reaction was priceless! Take a look to see :)

7 thoughts on “Week 25

  1. Best pregnant couple costume I’ve ever seen…the man was dressed up as a devil & the woman was dressed up as an angel with a sign around her neck that said “The devil made me do it”! Hilarious! :)

  2. The funniest ones I have seen online is a milk man and a 50s house wife. Or a pregnant nun and a priest. The Juno one is cute too. I love the funny ironic ones. Can’t wait to see what you choose.

  3. Love reading! That video was great! Cant wait to see the little baby girl! You and Denny will be great parents! Thank you for posting! :)

  4. Awww that was so so cute, made me wanna cry too and I don’t even know ya’ll personnally lol Congrats again big time!! Love the bun in the oven one, that’s great!!

  5. I think you are great and am so happy for you and Denny. Can’t wait to see the baby girl and hear her name :). So bummed your shirt didn’t win. Is there anyway to buy one even though it didn’t win?

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