Week 27

Welcome to the third trimester! Woweeee! 6 months down, and 3 more to go! I started off this week by spending some much needed time with my family in Kansas City. Since Denny had an early testing week, my family and I flew down early and stayed with my Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma in Blue Springs, MO. It was so good to see my Aunt and Uncle, but it was especially good to see my Grandma. She is 93 years old, and still loving life! Actually the last time I saw her, I was pregnant and didn’t even realize it! This time I actually had something to show for it!


While we were there we played cards, Rummikub, and went shopping. I think we shopped till we dropped! How cute are these boots I found at Forever 21 for only $39?!


I even tried on a couple dresses for the Banquet. I don’t want to try on too many, because I am still going to get a lot bigger, and don’t want to get ahead of myself. I will actually be 33 weeks pregnant by that time comes, so I definitely want a dress that can stretch, and also one I can easily move around in. So if you have any suggestions on places or sites where they sell formal maternity wear, please feel free to let me know  :)

This week, both sisters and I are celebrating a birthday! Dana, my half sister, is on the 23rd, mine is on the 27th, and Linsey’s is on the 30th. So since our family won’t get to see us on our birthdays, we celebrated a little earlier. I love the cake they got us!


My mom, sisters, and niece all got to come to the race with us on Sunday too. It was so nice to have Denny, his mom and my family all together. We don’t get many opportunities to all be in the same place at once, so the next time this happens will probably be when the baby comes! I do hate that Denny didn’t get the finish he wanted, but the next race is Martinsville, and it’s also my birthday weekend, so hopefully it’s a great weekend all around!

On Wednesday, I went to the doctor’s for a regular prenatal check up and also to take my glucose-screening test for gestational diabetes. When I got there, I drank a small sugary orange drink. It wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating. It was kind of like orange soda, but without the carbonation. I did my regular check up where they listen to baby’s heartbeat, measure the size of my belly, and answer any questions I might have. An hour later, they took my blood, to see how the sugar dissolved in my system. I won’t get the results for a few days, but I am hoping they are good! 

Overall it was a nice relaxing week. The next few weeks are going to get even crazier, so I was happy to get away to spend some time with my family. 

Until next time!





3 thoughts on “Week 27

  1. Jordan enjoyed as usual. Layed on sofa and read to Norm and laughed at a few things. So cute. We are laughing with you. Brings back memories to us ole mature ladies. Have a great week and happy birthday early.

  2. Just got home last night from Kansas and after working all day and grocery shopping and all the laundry it was so nice to relax and read your blog. I have a feeling this will be a great weekend for Denny too. At least we will be cheering him on from Phoenix. Happy early bday!!!

  3. Jordan,

    Wanted to tell you that you look so pretty. I wanted to share something with you Mom to Mom. You and Denny should read, talk and sing to her often, especially Denny. She will easily recognize your voice when she is born but the more interaction that Denny has with her before she is born the easier it will be to recognize him after she is born. Some others may have told you this but it what was on my heart when I thought about you today.

    Story: When I was pregnant w/my first child I would often listen to the Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack. Well one day after she was born, I decided to play it. She went right to sleep after she had been fighting it for a while. The sounds were comfortable to her because she had heard them while in the womb.

    I hope your test came out well.


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