Week 31

I started Week 31 in beautiful Miami! I love Miami every year, not only for the sunny weather, but because it is the last race of the season :) Don’t get me wrong, I love the race season, but it can get a tad strenuous traveling each and every weekend. So it’s no wonder I have been looking forward to this off-season especially with all the baby preparation that still needs to be done.

While in Miami, Denny’s Mom, Mary Lou, threw me my first baby shower over the weekend! She got a lot of ladies from the track to come, and she did a fabulous job putting it all together! We decorated baby onesies, the girls guessed my tummy size, and Mary Lou even had a racing themed diaper cake! It’s not often that the girls are able to get together and hang out outside from the racetrack, so it was nice change of pace ;)


One fun thing that happened this week is the baby got hiccups! Every now and then my belly will get this repetitive thump, almost like a slow heartbeat. At first I thought it was the baby’s heartbeat until I read somewhere that it is actually the baby having hiccups! I sat my phone on my stomach and you could really see what was happening. The phone would jolt every couple of seconds, almost like it was on vibrate. It was a pretty cool thing to actually see versus just feeling it.

Sunday was a bittersweet day. Not only because it was the last race of the season, and Denny’s birthday, but it was also the last time at the track it would be just the two of us before the baby gets here. It’s so surreal to think that the next time we go out to pit road, we will be carrying our daughter out there with us too. It’s a nerve racking, but an exciting feeling as well. :)


I was hoping Denny could pull out a win for his birthday, and I hated that he didn’t get the finish he wanted, but I cannot tell you how proud I am of him and his team this year. From starting out with a brand new crew chief, and coming out with five wins in their first season together is an accomplishment in itself. It’s a true testament to how committed and hard working the 11 team is, and I think this season was just a taste of all the great things that are to come for this team.

Anyways, I can’t believe it is finally the off-season! So much to do in so little time! Eeeek!

Thanks for reading!



Week 30

Welcome to Week 30!

Well… I thought my sickness was over and done with, but I was wrong. I was slightly motion sickness before I got pregnant, and realized that it only got worse being pregnant.  Phoenix was a looooong flight. I rode on the team plane, so 3.5 hours, break to fill plane for gas, and another 3.5 hours… Total runtime=close to 8 hours. Well anyways, on the second half of the flight, we had a little bit of turbulence to say the least, and I got sick. :( It was the first time I’ve been sick in a couple months, so hopefully it will be the last! 

While also in Phoenix, Mary Lou and I went banquet dress shopping, and let me tell you what a challenge it was! My belly is getting bigger and bigger every week, so trying to find a dress that not only looks good on me, but is comfortable and has some wiggle room is difficult to find. But overall, I think we found some good options! Here is one I found!


While we were shopping, I came across some strollers. Denny and I haven’t really chosen a stroller just yet. I have been doing tons of research online and watching reviews on YouTube to find the ideal stroller/car seat system.  But with us doing so much traveling, we really need one that is efficient for our lifestyle. So if you have any suggestions please leave a comment below! 




I have a few pregnancy apps on my phone, and one of them as a really good timeline of how/what to prepare for before baby gets here. I saw that in just four weeks, we are supposed to pack our hospital bag! Oh my goodness! I can’t believe how fast this is flying by! It seemed like just yesterday we found out, and now we are supposed to pack our hospital bag?! We haven’t even gotten our nursery furniture yet! But I guess that just means she will be here before we know it!

Until next time!



Week 29

On Thursday, my prego friends and I went and had dinner again! It was so good to see the girls, and see how far everyone is progressing in their pregnancy. We talked about where we all are registered, our upcoming showers, and hospital classes we had signed up for. Luckily, my friend Melissa is due around the same time as me, and her and her husband signed up for the same childbirth prep class as us, so we will have some company. :)

I found out another weird pregnancy craving.. deviled eggs! Ha, I never like them before; I actually despised them, but ever since my Aunt put them in a salad for me, I really want them. So I when I went to lunch this week, I picked some up! Soooo good!
I have also noticed that my abdominal muscles, or lack there of, are sore on the sides. Since the baby is getting bigger, and heavier, and the fact that I sleep on my side at night has caused her to really stretch out my muscle and make it quite sore during the day. I’m in that part of my pregnancy where I am starting to get uncomfortable. 
While in Texas, you may have noticed me holding a baby during pre race.. LOL no I didn’t have mine already. I was holding Yolanda and Darian’s daughter Gabriella. Yolanda and Darian have been great role models for Denny and myself. They have a nice balance between family and racing, and we aspire to be parents like them someday. Here is me holding baby G; even though I think the first time I ever held her she screamed her head off, but I think I am starting to get the hang of this thing..
I also want to thank those of you who got Denny and I baby gifts. It is so very thoughtful of you, and we seriously don’t expect anything. I did have to share this t-shirt that Leiya Brewer and her daughter Madison made for us.. How cute is this???
Sorry this blog post was a little late and on the short side, but with the chase coming to a close, everything has been getting a little crazier! I promise to update more on a regular basis, especially with the off season coming up :) 
Thanks again guys for reading, stayed tuned for Week 30!

Week 28

I finally registered this week! I had my good friend Meredith, who just recently had twins, come with me to register since I had no clue what to get. She was great! She told me what people got her, things she used, things she never used, and things that we would need considering we travel so much. A lot of the wives at the track have been recommending different products that have made it easier for them. Our good friend, Wendy Venturini was also a big help! She gave me an awesome list of everything she used from feeding products to stroller suggestions. I genuinely appreciate all the suggestions, and highly recommend any of you first time mommies to talk to friends and family who know what works and what doesn’t. It will save you time, money, and a big headache!

My good friend Lauren, who I met when I had my photoshoot for the Face of Fitness competition, featured me on her Muscle Mom page on Facebook. If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, take a look, and please take a second to like her page!
On Saturday, Denny ran the KBM 51 truck, and won the race! Not to mention it was my birthday, so it was a very special day for the both of us. :)
Sunday, was a different story. I hated how it ended for the entire 11 team. They have worked so hard all season long, and for it to end that way was just heartbreaking. You guys have been so amazing with how supportive you have been, and we will just have to go get em’ next year!
On a positive note, we started the nursery! We got the room painted, crib ordered, and we look at carpet/rug options next week! I cannot wait till it all comes together. It seems like it has taken us forever to get a move on it with traveling, work, and everything else, but I am happy to say it is coming along quite nicely. :)
I have had such a smooth pregnancy thus far, symptoms wise, until this past week that is. I have been experiencing really bad lower back pain. Officially it’s called posterior pelvic pain, but it is right on the tail end of my spinal bone. It really bothers me when standing up or sitting down, especially at work. So instead of using my normal chair at work, I have been using a yoga ball, aka a birthing ball. All my co-workers have been making fun of me for using it, but I can say it has helped tremendously! It has really relieved the pressure, and my back pain has almost disappeared.
I know I wanted to be creative for Halloween this year, but honestly it was a little harder than I thought. 1. Because I can’t really fit into any normal cute costumes, and 2. Denny doesn’t really like to dress up. So I found a happy medium for us both :) I found a costume I could fit into, and I got Denny something he didn’t have to do much with. So here you have it.. Batman and Robin!