Week 30

Welcome to Week 30!

Well… I thought my sickness was over and done with, but I was wrong. I was slightly motion sickness before I got pregnant, and realized that it only got worse being pregnant.  Phoenix was a looooong flight. I rode on the team plane, so 3.5 hours, break to fill plane for gas, and another 3.5 hours… Total runtime=close to 8 hours. Well anyways, on the second half of the flight, we had a little bit of turbulence to say the least, and I got sick. :( It was the first time I’ve been sick in a couple months, so hopefully it will be the last! 

While also in Phoenix, Mary Lou and I went banquet dress shopping, and let me tell you what a challenge it was! My belly is getting bigger and bigger every week, so trying to find a dress that not only looks good on me, but is comfortable and has some wiggle room is difficult to find. But overall, I think we found some good options! Here is one I found!


While we were shopping, I came across some strollers. Denny and I haven’t really chosen a stroller just yet. I have been doing tons of research online and watching reviews on YouTube to find the ideal stroller/car seat system.  But with us doing so much traveling, we really need one that is efficient for our lifestyle. So if you have any suggestions please leave a comment below! 




I have a few pregnancy apps on my phone, and one of them as a really good timeline of how/what to prepare for before baby gets here. I saw that in just four weeks, we are supposed to pack our hospital bag! Oh my goodness! I can’t believe how fast this is flying by! It seemed like just yesterday we found out, and now we are supposed to pack our hospital bag?! We haven’t even gotten our nursery furniture yet! But I guess that just means she will be here before we know it!

Until next time!




9 thoughts on “Week 30

  1. That’s a beautiful dress! Looks like it will be perfect to wear with the little bambino growing daily. :-) Thanks for keeping us updated, I have enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Hey Jordan
    I’m just a dude but we have 3 kids. The youngest is two and we travel as well. So, with that said City Mini stuff has been great for us. We have had “Hipper” strollers but the City mini roll/handles nice and is easy to fold and unfold. Plus it’s easily dumped at the air stair for our G-IV and tossed in the hold. My wife loves them two and because she and I agree. Five stars ;)

    Good Luck! Time flys but it’s a truly enchanting time. When I put our crib together for our first baby after I was done I sat and wept. Then I had to get on with being a dad. I have two girls and a boy and I am continually amazed

  3. Loved our bugaboo chameleon! Wonderful ride and very easy to use. Would recommend grabbing the bugaboo bee for travel. Still a great ride just a little easier to travel with. Great accessories that your friends will love to help you get! Throw them on your registry then everyone can help build your stroller set!! Congrats and enjoy motherhood it is by far the most challenging and rewarding job we will ever have!

  4. Jordan as a mom and grammi to 2 of the most wonderful girls…..make sure it has a 1 button open and close. The stroller I had 25 yrs ago with johnna you had to push here and hold that to open hers…then I bought a new one when grammi charli girl came along I got one that had one button open close cup holder and it was lighter which is wonderful…..good luck and I know you and DH will be great parents!!!!!

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