Week 31

I started Week 31 in beautiful Miami! I love Miami every year, not only for the sunny weather, but because it is the last race of the season :) Don’t get me wrong, I love the race season, but it can get a tad strenuous traveling each and every weekend. So it’s no wonder I have been looking forward to this off-season especially with all the baby preparation that still needs to be done.

While in Miami, Denny’s Mom, Mary Lou, threw me my first baby shower over the weekend! She got a lot of ladies from the track to come, and she did a fabulous job putting it all together! We decorated baby onesies, the girls guessed my tummy size, and Mary Lou even had a racing themed diaper cake! It’s not often that the girls are able to get together and hang out outside from the racetrack, so it was nice change of pace ;)


One fun thing that happened this week is the baby got hiccups! Every now and then my belly will get this repetitive thump, almost like a slow heartbeat. At first I thought it was the baby’s heartbeat until I read somewhere that it is actually the baby having hiccups! I sat my phone on my stomach and you could really see what was happening. The phone would jolt every couple of seconds, almost like it was on vibrate. It was a pretty cool thing to actually see versus just feeling it.

Sunday was a bittersweet day. Not only because it was the last race of the season, and Denny’s birthday, but it was also the last time at the track it would be just the two of us before the baby gets here. It’s so surreal to think that the next time we go out to pit road, we will be carrying our daughter out there with us too. It’s a nerve racking, but an exciting feeling as well. :)


I was hoping Denny could pull out a win for his birthday, and I hated that he didn’t get the finish he wanted, but I cannot tell you how proud I am of him and his team this year. From starting out with a brand new crew chief, and coming out with five wins in their first season together is an accomplishment in itself. It’s a true testament to how committed and hard working the 11 team is, and I think this season was just a taste of all the great things that are to come for this team.

Anyways, I can’t believe it is finally the off-season! So much to do in so little time! Eeeek!

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Week 31

  1. So happy for you and Denny, Jordan! When I was pregnant with my daughter, she always had the hiccups! haha! At times it drove me crazy cause it seemed like she would have them at the most odd times!
    Still try to take it easy. In 9 weeks, there won’t be much time to relax! :)

  2. Love as always. I love seeing pics of u and Denny. You guys r the cutest couple. Think this was a great year for denny.. But think next year your baby angel will be his good luck charm. Can’t wait till next week :)

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