Week 33

On Friday, I hitched a flight with Delana Harvick to Vegas so we could go to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Banquet. Denny and Kevin had to leave early, and since I had to work and Delana had Keelan, it worked out perfect that she was able to pick me up. With her being a new mom, and me becoming a mom, we had plenty to talk about! From her labor and delivery, to nursery themes, to what products that worked best for her– it was nice to pick her brain a bit.  A lot of people think all the wives and girlfriends are super close and all best friends, but this was actually the first time I was able to sit and talk with her. She is such a sweet and strong woman, and an incredible mom!

As soon as we landed, I had to start getting ready for the banquet! The Banquet is live, so we had to be ready to go a lot earlier than normal. I got my hair done at the hotel, and did my own make up. I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my make up, so even if someone else had done it, I probably would have washed it all off anyways, and done it myself! I ended up choosing an off the rack dress I found at Neiman Marcus. It was actually not maternity, but it suited me perfectly. I wanted something simple and elegant, and I think I found just that in this dress. Not to mention I had the best looking date of the night, but I am somewhat biased. ;)


Denny and I had a great time, and we really enjoyed the evening. I especially liked the performances of Phillip Phillips and Natasha Bedingfield/Lifehouse. Here is a pic of me and my girls!


Even though I am 8 months pregnant, I had a really good time in Vegas! There wasn’t a lot for me to do considering I can’t really go out to a club and shopping has become incredibly depressing, but I still managed to have a good time! It was a nice little getaway, but I am glad to be home. :)


On Monday, we had our coed baby shower! All of our common friends came over to the house, and we had a blast! During the first half of the shower we ate dinner from our favorite restaurant Red Rocks, and we played some fun shower games! My girlfriends went above and beyond any expectations I had for the shower. There was even a full candy bar! They are the best!



The guys participated in a couple fun shower games. The first game was a beer chugging contest… through a baby bottle! The second game was a blind folded diaper changing contest, and believe it or not, Denny won! What?!?! Now there is no excuse for not wanting to change diapers ;)




After the shower games were over, the guys played cards and watched the football game while the girls unwrapped gifts! Our friends threw us an an amazing shower, and we are so grateful to have them in our lives! We are going to have one spoiled lil girl!


It was a very eventful week to say the least, and only going to get busier, as my weeks are progressing faster and faster!


Can’t believe we are coming close to the end! Stay tuned for next week’s blog!



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