Week 34

This week consisted of a lot of preparation for the baby. I had my Childbirth prep class this weekend, and I can’t believe how much information there was to learn about the entire labor and delivery process! We learned everything that happens from the point of contractions to up to a few weeks after delivery. I even learned different swaddling techniques, and even how to wash and diaper a baby properly. Even though it was a long day, it was a very informative class, and I am glad I went because I learned a lot.

On Sunday, my sister threw me a Christmas themed baby shower for my family and girlfriends! Linsey did a great job putting it all together! She got the cutest invitations made, and the cake was even made to look exactly like them!
I even got some fun gifts! One of them was a diaper baby cake that was made to look like me! How creepy is this?! Maybe I don’t want her to look like me :/



I was completely blown away by my shower, and how detailed everything was. My sister and family did a great job, and went above and beyond any expectations I had. I am so blessed to have family and friends who love me, and I felt truly special.


After the shower, my mom, sisters, and a couple girlfriends came over and helped me unload and unpack all the gifts. We took everything upstairs to the baby’s room, and we organized it all (for the most part)! We got a lot of stuff, but we needed it because it is going to both the nursery and the motorhome. I can’t believe everything is all finally coming together!

On Tuesday, we went car seat/stroller shopping. I didn’t realize all the different car seat/stroller combinations there were.  If you are having a baby, I highly recommend going to the store and trying out each one. You need to “test drive” them to see which one best suits you. For us we wanted something that works with how much we travel. I also wanted something that was light enough that I could carry on my own without much effort. There were so many options, but after a long and tedious two hours we finally decided on the best car seat/stroller combo that fits our lifestyle. 
On Wednesday, aka 12-12-12, my friend Scott from high school and his wife Amber had their beautiful daughter! Amber was only three weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy, and she delivered a couple weeks early. I have been stalking her Facebook page to see if she had the baby yet, because I knew after she had hers, I was up next! In just a couple weeks I will be full term, and I can’t even imagine having a baby in three weeks like Amber! Anyways their daughter is absolutely beautiful, and I hope my labor and delivery goes just as smooth as hers went!
Until next time..

3 thoughts on “Week 34

  1. I am so thrilled you and denny are having a baby. I a big fan fo denny’s . We attend the race in New Hampshire every year and so glad he won in sept. Good luck with the delivery and have enjoyed your blog you and denny will be great parents

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