Week 36

This week marked an important milestone during my pregnancy. It’s the last week until I am full term!  Not only that, but I had my last day at work on Thursday before I take my maternity leave. I have the holidays off, and probably won’t be returning before the baby gets here. So it was a bittersweet day.


Knowing that I’m leaving is sad because I have made so many great memories at NMG, but also knowing that the baby will be here soon makes me hopeful and happy :) It’s a new chapter, but a good one.

This weekend, we spent a lot of time setting up the nursery and getting everything together. Putting the sheets on the crib, getting the changing table ready, setting up the baby monitor… etc. We also put together the stroller. Aka the biggest pain in the you know what since I don’t know when. But after we got it set up, it’s pretty easy to use and that’s all we really care about.


On Sunday, we went to Christmas Service at Elevation Church in Charlotte. I always love their service, because it’s not your typical sit down church service. It’s always a production, and they have a great worship team! My family, Denny and I really enjoyed ourselves. Afterwards, my mom, sister and I went to Buy Buy Baby to finish my baby registry. We got a lot of stuff from our baby showers, but there were still a lot of items we needed to purchase on our own. We went through every aisle and stocked up on everything! From the diaper pail to breastfeeding supplies, I think we got it all!

Speaking of breastfeeding… I am going to give it my best shot. My mother never breastfed, and neither did Denny’s, but reports say it is really good for baby’s immune system. At least for six months or so. A lot of new moms have told me if you can get past the second week, it gets so much easier. So I am going to give it all I can. If any of you have experience with breastfeeding, please feel free to leave comments on coping mechanisms and tips for successful techniques. I am taking a class next weekend, so we will see how it goes!

Not only did we do a lot for baby this week, but we had Christmas! I love the holidays, and knew that when Christmas got here, our baby would be just right around the corner! We probably watched every Christmas movie there is to watch, and I spent a lot of time wrapping gifts and getting the house cleaned. We just had a nice day spending it with family and loved ones. It was a really special day knowing that this is the last Christmas we will have just the two of us.

photo-1 2

Well maybe the four of us.. How cute are our fur babies in their holiday get ups?? :)


To end the week, the sofa for the nursery shipped! It was the last major item I was waiting for so I could finish the room. It pulled everything together!! I finally feel like everything is coming to a close. My pregnancy… the nursery…the holidays… Now from here on out it is just a waiting game to see when she comes! And she can come at any time!

If she doesn’t come this coming week, stay tuned for next week’s blog!




18 thoughts on “Week 36

  1. It’s been too long since I breast fed. My boy was sent to a different hospital after being born bad bottle fed for the first few days while we were apart but he took to breast feeding no problem. I have to say its convenient always there and at the right temp. Just relax and do what works best. Enjoy your baby

  2. Breastfeeding is the best thing ever! For me it was a pretty easy thing once you get the hang of it. Have plenty of boppys all around the house for easy feeding. For me I had one on each level of the house and even kept one in the car. I nursed both of mine between 13-15 months. You can do it! Just get past the really uncomfortable engorgement stage (about a week after birth) Also have plenty of lanolin cream and apply after ever feeding for a while until your body gets used to it. After a few months you will toughen up a bit and not need it every feeding. Also be careful not to wear bras that are too tight ie sports bras.( I loved the Camis that just unsnap and pull down. ) That was the only thing that gave me trouble bc it would cause my ducts to clog. You want to avoid that bc it can lead to mastitis. Any time you feel pain or heat in your breasts a hot bath can help relieve the pain. Hopefully this helps a little. ;-) good luck!

  3. Such an exciting time for you guys!!! I think I watched 3-4 epsisodes during the 24 hours of a Christmas Story..my favorite!! Good luck with a smooth delivery and healthy baby girl and thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  4. Jordan best of luck in the coming weeks i just have a quick question are you going to continue this blog after your girl is born or is it just for while you were pregnant. I know it started out just being while you were pregnant but i didn’t know if you changed your mind or if you hadn’t thought of it. If you could reply that would be great but if you can’t get to it i understand and i’ll just wait and see what happens.

    • Hey Jessica! I haven’t decided yet. If I do, it will probably only be every once in a while as I’m sure a newborn will be keeping me quite busy. But I haven’t decided. We kind of want to keep it private for awhile, so probably wont be sharing much right off the bat. But when the time is right, we will see. Thanks for the question!

      • Thanks for answering Jordan i bet having a newborn will keep you busy. I can totally understand with Denny being a public figure how you want to keep private for a while. I wish you and Denny nothing but the best. Good luck with your baby girl i look foreward to when you guys let us see pictures and find out her name.

      • Omg, the time is near! I’m happy for you guys! I think one topic I’d like to see you write about is losing the baby weight and workouts you’ll be doing ! I think blogging about getting fit after the baby come will be interesting! This blog has been great thus far, and as a fan of yours I appreciate that your taking time to share your journey with us! Hope all is well and God bless!

  5. I breast feed both of my girls I didn’t do to we’ll with the first one she was a 10lb 4 oz baby and I could feed her enough but my 2nd baby was much smaller thank goodness and I breast feed her for 4-6 weeks I know that’s not very long but I wasn’t getting much sleep and my Dr’s told me that was better than me not breast feeding at all. I know that my kids are 9 and 6 yrs old and between the both of them they have been to the Dr. For Being sick only about 5 times. They are very healthy girls. So how every long you can do it will be great for the baby even if its just a few weeks don’t be discourage.

  6. Hey Jordan! Such a cute picture. I love that you dress your dogs. Craig hates it when I do that to our dogs. Haha! Anyways, I have breast feed both of our boys. Carson till he was 10mths old and Im still feeding Ethan and he is 9mths now. Like you had heard once you get past the first week or so you will start to get the hang of it. If you feel engorged a hot shower will do the trick. Some things I would recommend is eating fresh fruit after you deliver. It was so refreshing and helps with your breast milk. Take a shower every day! It will be you break and help to refresh your brain. Having a travel boppy pillow really helps. If you are on the go sitting up on chairs trying to breast feed can be uncomfortable. Camis that unsnap are really great. Breast pads and lanolin cream I would keep in stock :)

    I hope your birth goes smoothly and breast feeding comes easy to you. Try not to get discouraged, it’s new to you and your baby. I don’t know what kind of birth you are having but I had both my boys completely natural. If you choose to try and do that, move to a different position every 30min. It will help your baby to come down the canal naturally. Birth is NOT like it seems like. I was not as bad as what doctors and tv makes it out to be. Just remember the pain doesn’t last forever and each contraction brings you closer to meeting you daughter face to face. :)

    Wow did I ramble on or what? Haha! Im sure you have probably heard all of this before but I hope it helps.

    Congratulations again! :)

  7. Not sure if you will get this or not, but good luck to you guys! Its been fun to read about your pregnancy! I hope and pray that everything goes smoothly for you all!!!! Good luck!!!!!

  8. My son was born at 35 weeks even due to preeclampsia and I wasn’t able to breast feed him b/c he couldn’t suck,swallow and breathe at the same same. He was like 2 weeks old when I finally got to do it. It was the most amazing thing ever. Sadly I wasn’t able to continue b/c I didn’t produce milk. When I had my daughter I had sever complications from my epidural and I had to wait a week to even try. I breast fed her for 3 months. It was hard with a 20 month old boy running around to continue. I wish u the best.

  9. They’re right, the first 2 weeks are the hardest, but if you have support of your family and friends. Make sure and take advantage of the expertise of the lactation consultants at the hospital, they can be lifesavers and sanity savers. The bonding alone when breastfeeding is wonderful.

  10. To get thru the pain of cracked and bleeding nipples, pump enough milk for at least 24 hours, use Vitamin E directly on the area. I was terrified to use a bottle, the nurses and lactaion nurse all said never ever use an artifical nipple ie: bottle pacifier. But I’m convinced this pain was worse than labor and a csection. Baby turned out fine, good luck !

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