Week 38

What a busy Week 38 it has been!! I had my weekly doctor’s appointment as usual. They did another ultrasound to make sure baby was still growing on track, and to check my amniotic fluid level. They also did a cervix check to see if I had dilated any. Overall, baby is right on progress! They said she is head down, and really low, so that is all good news!

Denny and I also took an Infant CPR class. It was one of the many classes I had signed us up for, but definitely one of the most beneficial. This class taught us what to do if in case the baby is found unresponsive or if choking occurs. I know it might seem over the top with all the baby classes, but I would rather be prepared and know what to do in case of an emergency versus the alternative of having something go wrong, and not knowing what to do. I highly recommend any expecting couples taking this class together, so that you have the tools and knowledge necessary if you ever find yourself in one of these situations.

One “symptom” or “instinct” that a lot of women experience later in their pregnancy is called “nesting.” Nesting is when you have the urge to clean almost everything in sight. I think the nesting instinct definitely took over me this week. I went from doing laundry to cleaning bottles, to cleaning out the fridge and even my makeup bag!


I still have an entire list that I need to finish, but it’s almost like an obsession! I just want everything in order and done before baby’s arrival, so I don’t have anything to deal with afterwards.

On Saturday, I took a breastfeeding class. This was another great class to take! I thought it would be a little over the top, but it was very informative. They gave great information on proper latching, feeding schedules, and even pumping. I was surprised by all the guys in the class too! Even though Denny didn’t go, I think it’s very beneficial if your partner goes. Breastfeeding is a huge commitment, and one that you need all the support you can get. I think if your partner has a good understanding of what you are going through and is supportive of your choice to breastfeed, you are more than likely to stick with it than someone who isn’t. So dads don’t be afraid of the breastfeeding class if your wife asks you to go :) It’s definitely a team effort!

I also packed the hospital bag and my diaper bag this week! I was supposed to pack it a couple weeks ago, but I am guilty of procrastinating. So finally it is done! I went online and composed a big list of all the little lists I found on Pinterest and other websites. I believe we have everything we need, but knowing us I will get to the hospital and forget something!

We got the car seats installed too! We went to our local fire station who installs them for you, to make sure they were done right. If you are new parents like us, and don’t really know what you are doing when it comes to car seat installation; I highly recommend going to your local fire department where they can teach you, and show you the proper way to install it. I learned more in the 30 minutes of the fire chief teaching me than I would have in probably the 3 hours of frustration I would have caused myself if trying to do it solo with the directions from the box. The fire department usually designates a day where they dedicate to putting in car seats, and if they are going to do it right, why not get it done there! And it’s free! I am so appreciative that they showed us, and now I know how to do it right when we have to put it in the rental every week at the track!


Anyways it is finally getting down to the wire, and I am ready to pop! If Baby H doesn’t come this week, look forward to next week’s blog!





Week 37

On Thursday I had my weekly doctor’s appointment. My doctor was concerned because my belly was measuring smaller than average, so she called for an ultrasound. The ultrasound tech measured the size of the baby and my amniotic fluid. Baby H is measuring a lil on the small side, but nothing to be concerned about. The results showed that I was measuring in the Week 35 range. I thought this would change my due date, but that is not the case. As long as she is healthy, that is all that matters to the doctors and me. My amniotic fluid was measuring low too, but again nothing to be worried about. My doctor just recommended that I be drinking lots of water and getting my rest. 

The rest of the week, I spent a lot of time doing last minute touches on the nursery, and getting the entire house ready! I have gotten a lot of help from my family and friends. WARNING: If you offer me help, I will put you to work ;) Seriously! Ha, my sisters know this because they feel like worker bees whenever they come over! From doing laundry, to screwing holes in the wall; I have an entire baby workshop going on at the house! I can’t tell them enough how much I appreciate their help though, because it is all paying off! Here is just a taste of the nursery so far.. What do you think?


If baby hadn’t dropped yet, I definitely think she has dropped now. I have been experiencing a lot of lower back pain, and also some sciatica nerve pain. Sciatica nerve pain is when baby is puts pressure on the nerve, and usually the pain starts at your lower back and shoots down one of your legs. My pain has been mainly on my right side, so I believe she is positioned more on that side because that is also the side I normally sleep on.

New Year’s Eve was on Monday, and it was pretty low key for us. We had dinner with some friends at Red Rocks, then came home and watched the ball drop :) Oh the life of pre parenthood! 


Actually it was exactly what I wanted to do. Just a nice relaxing night at home with the dogs and Denny… nowhere else I would rather be.

On Wednesday, I had my “last supper” with my prego girlfriends.  Well probably not the last, but more than likely the last one where I will be pregnant at. I am so glad that I reached out to these girls, because not only did we bond over our pregnancies, but I have a feeling we will become long time friends. We are all going through considerably one of the biggest changes in our lives, and when our babies get here, we will have that much more to bond over. I am so glad I have met such good girls to be friends with, and I look forward to raising our children together. :)


If I don’t have the baby next week, stay tuned for Week 38 blog!

Until next time..